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Our Rosemary Sage Thyme and Charcoal Goat's Milk Soap is a luxurious and natural way to cleanse your skin. This bar is infused with a blend of rosemary, sage and thyme essential oils and bamboo charcoal, which are known for their natural oil-absorbing and gentle exfoliating properties. It is perfect for use in the bathroom, kitchen sink and garden shed. Enjoy the refreshing scent and natural cleansing of this herbaceous and coal black soap bar!

Rosemary Sage Thyme and Charcoal

  • Saponified oils of olive, coconut, sustainably sourced palm, soybean, castor, avocado, mango butter, bees wax, chamomile infused distilled water,colloidal oats, white kaolin clay,Bamboo charcoal powder, rosemary, sage, thyme powders, essential oils, honey powder.

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