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This delightful Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb Doughnut is the perfect way to give your bath time a zesty twist! Crafted with natural ingredients, it contains pink clay and grapefruit essential oil for a bright and refreshing experience. Its doughnut shape makes it fun and easy to use, while its sweet citrusy scent will keep you feeling energized and invigorated. Relax and enjoy the fizzy, citrusy goodness of our Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb Doughnut.

Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb Doughnut

  • sodium bicarbonate,citric acid,mango butter, sunflower oil, cream of tartar, Brazilian Pink clay, Pink Grapefruit essential oil, distilled water,collodial oats,polysugamulse D9 (a naturally derived substitute for polysorbate 80).

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