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This Lavender Teakwood Smile Bath Bomb is a luxurious treat for your skin and senses! Formulated with a blend of Lavender and Teakwood essential oils, this bath bomb is a perfect way to relax and unwind. Natural Blue and Green clays give it a beautiful color, while Mango butter and Sunflower oils nourish and soften your skin. Perfect for those seeking a slightly deeper scent, this bath bomb is sure to please everyone!

Lavender Teakwood Smile Bath Bomb

  • Sodium bicarbonate,citric acid,mango butter,sunflower oil,cream of tartar,kaolin Blue clay,Lavender,Teakwood essential oils,distilled water,colliodal oats,polysugamulse D9( a naturally derived substitute for polysorbate 80).

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