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It is formulated with a blend of 20 natural and organic ingredients, including  Rosemary, Nettle,Horsetail,and Fenugreek infused oils  combined with rosemary,Lavender,Peppermint,and tea tree essential oils to provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for the scalp and hair. Our Herbal Scalp and Hair Oil is perfect for all hair types and helps promote hair growth and thickness. It can help to eliminate dandruff, tame frizz, and prevent hair loss. The natural oils also help to deeply condition the hair and make it soft and silky. Enjoy the therapeutic scent of our Herbal Scalp and Hair Oil as you massage it into your scalp and hair to provide your locks with all the nourishment they need. Experience the power of nature with our Herbal Scalp and Hair Oil.

Herbal Scalp and Hair Oil

  • Olive oil infusions of: Rosemary,Nettle,Saw Palmetto,Calendula,Rose Elderberry,Fenugreek,Burdock,Lavender,Horsetail, Chinese Hibiscus,Brahmi,Alma,Holy Basil,Moringa,Licorice root,Marshmallow root,Oregano ,Burti,aloe,Hemp,Sunflower,Castor,Rice Bran,Avocado oils,Lavender,Peppermint,Tea Tree essential oils, vitamin E.

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