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This Frosted Pumpkin Chai Doughnut Bath Bomb is the perfect way to relax and unwind! It is hand-crafted using natural ingredients like pumpkin, espresso, and is scented with warm spice essential oils for a soothing experience. The bath bomb fizzes when it hits the water, releasing a delightful aroma and a moisturizing butter to help nourish and soothe your skin. Enjoy a luxurious, spa-like experience at home with this fun and fragrant bath bomb.

Frosted Pumpkin Chai Doughnut Bath Bomb

  • 4.5 oz Ingredients Sodium bicarbonate,citric acid,kaolin clay,tumeric,mango butter,crean of tartar,dried pumpkin,polysuga musepD( a naturally derived sub for polysorbate 80).

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