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The origins of  Simply

  Handmade Handmade Soap and LLC

The Soap company that cares about what you put on your skin!

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Good day to you, and thank you for visiting our site! Simply Handmade Soap and LLC and is about making the best skin care products Simply! A few years ago my daughter was struggling to find relieve for her eczema, and I truly understood the struggle since I had the worst eczema growing up. Tree nuts, seafood, chocolate, milk, citrus, eggs where all off limits for me. Growing up in a place that cold weather weather didn't know how to relinquish it self didn’t help either. Buffalo, enough said. I have vivid memories of my grandmother slowly pulling my pajama shirt sleeves away from my oozing crusted arms because I had scratched all night, and they were now dry, creating a crusty mess. I remember the Aveno baths, and the Keri oil that was poured in by the cap full. Trips to the doctor brought little relieve, just “try this cream, or ointment” or let us  allergy test her. That’s when they write all over your back, stick you with hundreds of small needles, to find out what you are allergic to. Well no surprise, I’m allergic to all of the things that I stated before! Surprise!
As I got older, I learned to read everything before putting it in or on my body. The eczema slowly subsided, but the allergies remained. My daughter, and now two of my granddaughters have eczema. The cycle continues.
In my quest to try to help, I started reading about herbal remedies, and different oils, and infusions, and tinctures. Learning that the skin is a barrier, and that you have to take good care of it, for it to take care of you was an eye opener. The most important thing I also learned, is that simple is better.
I started making soap, after reading a few books about it, and my daughter was my guinea pig! Having jars of herbs infusing in oils was the order of the day. My new hobby, had me take over the spare bedroom, and my first soap mold was a shoe box lined with plastic wrap. I was on to something here! I loved to walk around South East Asian food stores, with my herbal reference book in hand, and asking many questions. Those stores are treasure troves!
My very first soap was a Neem bar. It contained goats milk instead of water, for the fat and it cured a whole six weeks. After giving it to my daughter, I waited. After a few days she said the intense itching had stopped. After a few weeks the dry patches on her skin had started to dry up, smooth, and heal over. O.K. now we need something to help with the dryness. I had jars of infused oils, so adding bees wax, and a few drops of essential oil, and we had a balm. My son started coming by for soap and balm, and told me he used it on his lips. O.K.lip balm.
I started telling people at my job about the different herbal oil infusions for this or that, and then bringing it to them. After giving my ideas away for a bit, I realized that other people might need the same simple products. Simply Handmade Soap was born, with a mission to be for people with persnickety skin. That was 2014, and after many Popup, Farmers Markets, Front Porch Sundays, Craft Fairs later we are still here, for people with temperamental skin. No Persnickety. There are no artificial anythings in our products. No nut oils or butters. Essential oils, not fragrance oils. Colors are created from herbs and clays. Please know that all soap, body balm, lip balms are simply made.
Persnickety is not just a catch phrase, it’s we we are all about. As we add new products, please know that we will always be “the persnickety skin people”!

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